Long term rental

We strive to accommodate our business partners however possible, so we offer them long-term rental service. Just choose a vehicle that suits your needs and requirements and we will get it for you!

The vehicles that we provide can be adorned with your company’s advertising stickers.

The price depends on vehicle type and rental period. Our agreement with you will set a monthly flat rate for use of the vehicle, covering the following services:

  • Regular warranty inspections
  • Settlement of all formalities in case of an insurance event, such as dealing with other insurance companies and the provision of a replacement vehicle
  • Volkswagen / Skoda – 24 hour assistance service (guaranteeing no interruption to your mobility)
  • Protection against car theft, online vehicle tracking with Car Control system
  • Summer and winter tyres
  • Annual toll sticker for the Czech Republic
  • Payment of road tax
  • Repairs, MOT, etc.


  • Option of a new vehicle immediately, without any down payment
  • All items included in your company expenses
  • Flexible services
  • Compared with a financial lease, long-term rental is cheaper for the customer, and less demanding in terms of operation of the car
  • The company is not at risk of debt in the form of car leasing
  • A replacement vehicle is provided in the event of an accident

The price of car rental depends on the number of km according to the table below. In the event that the agreed framework mileage is exceeded, additional mileage is charged at a rate of CZK 3/km.

1 day2 – 4 days5 – 8 days9 – 14 days15 – 22 days1 month
450 km700 km1300 km2100 km3000 km4500 km