Customs declarations

Our customs services have been provided since 2007. Thanks to our experience and impeccable service the customs office granted us the possibility to use streamlined procedures (authorized consignee, free circulation, export, temporary storage mode). We are the holder of AEO certificate from 2018.

We offer our customers the option of using the security of customs debt towards the state. Our team of declarants, all with more than 15 years of experience, is able to provide high quality advice in the area of customs, whichever sector of business you are in. If you are interested, we can process data for customs procedures and provide the following services:

IMPORTS and EXPORTS of goods:

  • termination of transit mode with simplified procedures, without having to submit goods to the customs office (or in the conventional way with representation at the customs office)
  • processing of all documentation for customs clearance procedures and subsequent rectification at the customs office
  • security of your customs debt
  • issuing of electronic customs declarations
  • issuing of declarations of the customs value of goods and subsequent release into the proposed customs mode
  • negotiation and representation of clients in correspondence with the customs office in the event of physical customs inspections, administrative procedures, documentation processing, permits, declarations, applications and others
  • approved temporary warehouses for repeated storage of goods
  • on export, conventional clearance of goods at the customs office or using simplified procedures, issue of the document of the origin of goods (EUR1, A.TR, Certificate of origin)
  • customs clearance of goods for export within the entire Czech Republic, with unlimited scope


Intrastat must be returned by legal or natural entities that are registered for VAT payment in the Czech Republic and whose import or export of goods from or to the European Union reached CZK 12,000,000/year. This applies separately for export and import of goods.

We offer our customers:

  • registration with the local customs office to return Intrastat
  • preparation, processing and development of periodic reports for Instastat
  • sending ordinary, one-off, amending or negative declarations to the CA electronically
  • representation of customers in negotiations with customs authorities
  • consultancy in the area of Intrastat